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Breathwork Meditation to Remove Stress & Self-Bless

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


Hi sound family! The breathwork meditation of the week is a meditation to remove stress and self-bless.

You're going to mentally chant the mantra SA TA NA MA, which means infinity, life, death, rebirth.

You’ll also use a mudra or hand position to focus this meditation. Hold your right hand up as if you were saying the Pledge of Allegiance or taking an oath. Then you'll have your left hand at your side, with your left forearm parallel to the floor.

You're going to breathe in for one repetition of that mantra SA TA NA MA, not too fast or too slow. Breathe in as you mentally recite SA TA NA MA, hold the breath for one repetition of SA TA NA MA, exhale on SA TA NA MA, and then hold the breath out for SA TA NA MA.

Try this meditation for three minutes to start and gradually increase the time as desired. If it’s easy to breathe in, hold the breath, breath out and hold the breath out on one repetition of the mantra, try breathing in for two repetitions of SA TA NA MA, holding the breath for two repetitions, exhaling for two SA TA NA MAs and holding the breath out for two cycles of the mantra.

Listening to a recording of this mantra while you do this meditation can help you keep time. There are some beautiful recordings of this mantra on various platforms.

This is a simple and really wonderful meditation for sending yourself blessings and receiving all the good stuff that life has coming your way. Let me know how it's going in the comments below. Wishing you transformational adventures in breath and sound!


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