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Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial


"I really enjoyed the way [Luz] talked to me and saw me as a human being…"

- Joanna Claire
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"I know the work with you has given me back my voice. I feel more alive than I have in years!"

- Kim Buchanan | Singer, Songwriter
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"Having experienced Luz Flaneuse’s soul nourishing sound bath, I am thankful for the magical exploration of new realms, which added to my spiritual growth and healing."

- Scotty Giffen | Visual Artist
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"I met Luz a few years ago and immediately loved her spirit.  She is loving, kind, playful and honest in her being, and I feel that shines through in her sound healing offerings. I have received such great benefits from her sessions and the healing lasts longer than the session and find that it moved within for days.  In my sessions with Luz, I have received wonderful gifts also; one fond gift I have received through her sound healing sessions was a childhood memory with my Oupa (grandfather) that I had forgotten, the father figure who shaped my life for the better and I carry that memory with me forever.


I will most certainly love to have more sessions in the future with Luz, I trust her and always appreciate the beauty she is able to share through her art."

- Naomi Wigmore | Yoga Instructor, Chef
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"Luz is fully in her genius when she sings and plays with music and sound.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending her sound bath healings and I found the experience deeply beautiful.  It’s hard to put into words just how magical it is to be in that space, but it was very nourishing and uplifting.  If you’re considering working her with her, I would highly recommend it!"

- Patricia Black | Visual Artist
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"Working with Luz can facilitate breakthroughs in self expression that radiate into all aspects of life.

Luz is an extraordinary teacher, guide and healer. Her extensive background in the musical and meditative arts creates a unique and power container for growth. She works intuitively to inspire authentic expression, and lovingly encourages new pathways of joy to open. As someone who felt very shut off and shy with my own voice, I can say with confidence that Luz provides the safety and expertise that is needed to connect more deeply through sound."

- Nicole Griffin | Flower Essences Practitioner Intuitive Guide
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

"I honestly had no idea what I could gain or learn working with Luz. I just knew I FELT the ‘potential’ for expansion in my body during my complementary consult w/her.

Working with Luz turned out to be pretty mind blowing.

She helped me connect to my  body & voice in a way I hadn’t ever prior. She met me where I was with deep presence and ultimately showed me how to do the same. I learned to not only appreciate my voice but to sing freely and with Joy instead of straining. I would absolutely work with her again and again if I could." 

- Tyra
Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Testimonial

​"I started singing with Luz a few weeks before lung surgery. Her breathing exercises have done more for me than all the pills in pharma. I got through the first painful days of recovery by singing a simple song she taught me, over and over, to quiet my troubling mind and take my attention off the discomfort.

​I’ve always felt that I had a singing voice, somewhere deep inside, but I couldn’t get it out. Singing with Luz sets me free. Weekly lessons with Luz have shown me new dimensions in simple sounds, leading toward my goal: releasing the singing voice I’ve always known I had. I don’t have any musical education, Luz patiently shows me the basics and sets exercises that bring musical information from the ear into the body."

- ​John Kelsey | Master Woodworker, Photographer, Editor
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