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Experiencing Vocal Self-Expression at Flaneuse Sound

 About Me 

Experiencing Vocal Self-Expression at Flaneuse Sound

I'm Luz, and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. From early memories of family piano sessions to skipping through forests singing, music has woven through my existence, sparking an enduring passion that led me through choruses and bands in my formative years.

Ever heard a melody or rhythm that went beyond words, stirring emotions and revealing new insight? This enchanting journey has defined my life since childhood—an odyssey I infuse into my teaching. Picture embracing this potent force within your own story. Can you envision the liberation of connecting with your inner voice, expressing yourself authentically? This isn't mere theory; it's a voyage I've adeptly navigated alongside many souls and one I'm eager to guide you through.

My academic pursuit at Wesleyan University, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Composition and Ethnomusicology, delved deep into music's spiritual facets. Engaging with the legacies of such luminaries as John Coltrane and John Cage revolutionized my musical approach, opening doors to transformative healing practices.

Creating music workshops at Wesleyan redefined music-making for me. These experiences shaped my work as Music Workshop Artist with Hospital Audiences in New York City, where I facilitated workshops aiding recovery from substance abuse and mental illness, finding profound fulfillment in music's healing power.

In addition to being a Teaching Artist, I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling and varied career as a freelance musician—crafting film soundtracks, lending my voice to commercials, and performing in New York City’s top jazz venue. Yet a personal crisis rekindled my awareness of music's transformative potential, leading me to study Creative Arts Therapies and become a certified Kundalini yoga/meditation instructor.

Embracing sound healing with crystal bowls in 2018, I acquired certification from the Sage Academy of Sound Energy, and I now offer group/individual sound healings across New York City and the Hudson Valley.

My teaching ethos stems from curiosity, play, and a profound connection to nature. I believe in the inherent healing drive through sound, particularly the voice, tailored to each student's unique path toward a more fulfilling life.

"Luz is an extraordinary teacher, guide, and healer. Her background in musical and meditative arts creates a unique, powerful environment for growth. She intuitively inspires authentic expression and encourages new pathways of joy." - Nicole Griffin | Sound healing practitioner

I’m a perpetual student of music, exploring diverse musical traditions. Since college, I've immersed myself in raga music, and I’m returning to India in 2024 for intensive vocal studies.

Studies with master charango player Willy Rios since 2020 deepened my connection to traditional Andean music. Recording Luzmila Carpio's compositions, Bolivia's cultural ambassador, has been a source of pride.

Beyond music, my ties to the shamanic traditions of Umbanda and Jurema Sagrada enrich my holistic well-being understanding. As a ceremonial singer, I harness songs and chants from these traditions for healing.

Presently, I'm working on "The Sound of Light," a spiritual music project slated for release in 2024. 

I firmly believe that our voice holds the key to our transformation. Ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery through your voice? Book a Vocal Breakthrough Exploratory Session with me, and let's dive into the healing potential of your voice and music together!

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