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 About Me 


I’m Luz, and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember.  I love to share the joy of singing with others so that they can experience the pleasure and healing that music gives us.  


I’m fascinated by singing traditions from around the world, and I studied music performance and composition with an emphasis on world musical traditions.  From learning about various musical traditions, I’ve experienced firsthand what a powerful force for community and contemplation music can be.

For years, I sang on other people’s recordings, on commercials and voiceovers, as well as performing my own music, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was putting a lot of energy into sounding a certain way - polished and professional - at the expense of sounding like me!  

I suppressed my own natural voice because I didn’t think people would like it. And I had a lot of stories I was telling myself that my real voice not only wasn’t marketable, it was a liability.  I lacked self-confidence because I’d internalized messages about my voice and being able to take up space in this world.  


I began to focus on singing as a form of contemplation and pleasure, and as I took this slower, more thoughtful musical path, I discovered some very interesting things.  


One, I fell in love with singing all over again - and I fell in love with my unique sounding voice!  I was connected to joy and relaxation in a steady, real, sustainable way. 


Two, in the process, I noticed that I was growing in confidence.  My words came from a place of authenticity.  I was unapologetically, gracefully and graciously taking up space.  I became fearless as I learned to listen more deeply and trust my intuitive guidance whether it was in regard to what to sing or what to say.


All of this was healing and fun beyond belief!  


It’s my belief that anyone who has the desire to do so can learn to sing with joy, experiencing the freedom and power that singing authentically creates.  


The Voice Alchemy 1:1 Six Week Series is the perfect, safe, supportive space for you to explore singing and vocalizing and to release the old judgments and stories you may be carrying about your voice.  


For 75 minutes a week over six weeks, we’ll work together one on one to create a container of vocal practices and develop a repertoire of songs and chants that you can use for your own healing and enjoyment.  This is your joy that comes from within that’s just waiting to come out!

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