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Left Nostril Breathing for Good Sleep

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


Hey, it's Luz and I've got a breathwork practice for you to help you sleep better.

About a month ago, my sleep pattern started getting a little bit disturbed and so I've been using my breathwork, Kundalini yoga, and meditation to help me restore my sleep rhythms.

And this particular breathing practice, which is called left nostril breathing, has really been helping me get my sleeping back on an even keel.

The left nostril is associated with coolness, with calmness, with the moon, and it also helps to calm our sympathetic nervous system which allows us to let go, rest, and digest.

So I recommend you start with this breathwork for three minutes and then as you like it, as you become more comfortable with it, increase the time by a minute at a time.

As always, if you start to feel tired or dizzy, lightheaded during this breathwork, pause, and either discontinue or resume the breathwork practice as you feel able.

So let's begin.

You can either be seated or lying down in a comfortable position.

Take your left hand and place your left forefinger and thumb together.

And then take that hand, that left hand, and place it on your knee, palm up.

With your right hand, you're going to take your right pointer finger and place it gently over your right nostril.

Close your eyes and focus at that third eye point between your brows and begin breathing slowly and easily through your left nostril.

To end this meditation, remove the pointer finger from your right nostril.

Take a few normal breaths in and out through the nose here.

And notice how you feel - maybe a little softer, a little more relaxed.

This is a great meditation to do right before you go to bed.

And again, as I mentioned, you can start with three minutes.

And as you feel more comfortable with it, you can gradually increase the time, little by little.

Wishing you sweet dreams and I'll see you soon!


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