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Breathwork & Sound: Instant Heart Chakra Opener

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


I'm here to share a breathwork and sound meditation that I've been doing this week that I really love.

This meditation is to open your heart chakra instantly.

As you breathe in, you're going to breathe in and make a whistle sound.

You're going to let it out with LAA.

Really take your time with the inhale and the exhale.

So let's close our eyes.

You can either be sitting on the floor or comfortably in a chair.

Let's breathe in.


You can do this meditation for as long as you like.

I've been doing it for about five minutes, minimum.

If I have more time, I spend more time on it and I find that this is one meditation where I really lose all sense of time, and time just sort of slips away.

Let me know in the comments below how it goes.

Wishing you transformational adventures in breath and in sound!


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