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Mantra Meditation to Circulate & Cultivate Energy

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


I've got a great mantra meditation to move the energy all through your body.

It's called Sahaja Yoga and it uses the mantra, "Mahan Kal, Kal Ka" and that means, "God's nature is undying."

So how it works is you're going to be sitting in a cross-legged position and as you breathe in, you're going to imagine "Mahan Kal."

As the breath starts at the base of the spine, and travels up the base of your spine, up to the top of your head and down to the tip of your nose.

Then you imagine "Kal Ka" as you exhale, and the breath goes from the tip of your nose down to the base of your spine.

Breathe in "Mahan Kal."

Breath travels up the spine, up to the top of the head and down to the tip of the nose.

"Kal Ka" as you breathe out from the tip of the nose, down to the base of the spine.

I'll give you four repetitions of this mantra for your practice, which you can do starting with three minutes and then building up to 15 minutes if you like.

"Mahan Kal, Kal Ka."

"Mahan Kal, Kal Ka."

"Mahan Kal, Kal Ka."

"Mahan Kal, Kal Ka."

A longer version of this mantra is going to be included on my upcoming record, 'The Light of Sound.'

More details on that coming up soon.

Until then, if you like this video, please let me know .

Leave me a comment below and subscribe for more great content on music, sound, mantra, breathwork, and movement and until then, wishing you transformational adventures in sound and breath!


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