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🌟✨ Unlocking the Magic Within: Discover the Secret Sauce to Tap into Your Inner Child’s Resilience 🌟✨

I am beyond excited to share with you a piece of my heart – "Canto do Erê,"

the mesmerizing 6th track from my latest medicine music release, “The Sound of Light!

Canto do Erê, translating to "song of the child," is not just a melody; it's a soulful journey that resonates with the resilience and pure joy of our inner child.

🎶💫 In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of the innocence and wonder that reside within us. Yet, this enchanting song serves as a gentle nudge, urging us to reconnect with our childlike essence – to dance freely, to laugh wholeheartedly, and to find solace in life’s simplest pleasures.

Come join me on this magical odyssey as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of the "Erê" within us all – resilient, exuberant, and brimming with boundless energy! 💖 🎵✨

The Sound of Light” is now available for streaming and to download on all music platforms:

Stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, details about our upcoming record release party (both live and livestream), and much more, as we continue spreading the message of joy and resilience through the power of music!

Here’s to embarking on transformational adventures in sound!


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