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🌟 Invocation Preview - “The Sound of Light” | Luz 💿🎶✨


Here's a preview of my upcoming spiritual record, The Sound of Light, due to be released March 10th, 2024.

The third track on The Sound of Light is called "Invocation" and it's a three movement spiritual journey that beckons you to prayer and a connection with your guides and guardian angels.

The first movement of "Invocation" is an homage to the indigenous peoples of the world, the revered guardians and protectors of our Earth.

In the second movement of "Invocation," we introduced the vibrant and powerful rhythm known as maracatu nação.

This Afro-Brazilian rhythm was created to crown African kings and queens of the diaspora, and it's a symbol of strength and resistance during the darkest of times.

"Que a Luz Divina em cada um de nós, ilumine este congá.

Que a Luz Divina em cada um de nós, ilumine este congá.

O guia está no meu canto, presente no meu maracá.

O guia está no meu canto, presente no meu maracá."

As you immerse yourself in the mantric melody which translates to "may the Divine Light within us illuminate our altars," you are invited to welcome guidance.

Feel the energy of the rhythm and the song wash over you, guiding you towards enlightenment.

In the grand finale, we call upon our guides and guardians to be present, to share their wisdom with us, and to envelope us in their protective embrace.

"Invocation" is not merely a song, it's a sacred passage to the Divine.

Open your hearts to embrace the journey and let The Sound of Light illuminate your soul.

Featured on this track are Dara Freire, Scott Kettner on percussion, Eliano Bráz on violin, and Tawalokesirê Pai Emanuel on vocals.

The Sound of Light will be released on on March 10th, 2024, and will be available on that same date on all major music streaming platforms.

Thanks for listening.

"Salve os senhores mestres!"


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