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💚🌟 Mantra Meditation Music: Open Heart & Attract Prosperity | Hari Har | “The Sound of Light”


I’m thrilled to offer you a preview of my upcoming spiritual record, The Sound of Light which will be released in March of 2024.

Besides being great music to listen to, the songs on The Sound of Light are like a spiritual toolkit and they’re perfect for prayer, ritual, ceremony, or meditation.

“Hari Har” is the second track on The Sound of Light, and it’s a great song for deep meditation.

It’s also a song to accompany a meditation I love called Green Energy Production.

To do this meditation, sit in your favorite meditation posture, with your arms bent at the elbows, at shoulder height, hands facing forward.

Eyes can be opened or closed.

Begin to chant from the heart: "HARI HARI HARI HAR."

While you chant, imagine yourself being surrounded by green energy, the fresh green of new spring grass, the color of renewal.

Continue chanting for 2 to 11 minutes.

At the end, rest your hands on your knees, first finger touching the thumb, and think about all the things you can be grateful for.

Immerse yourself in the current blessings in your life.

Truly feel the gratitude in your heart.

It can be simple things like your breath, your eyes, and even more profound blessings like your family, your job, and your teachers.

Thanks for listening!

I hope you liked!

Until next time!


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