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All in the Family!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


When I was with the Fulni-Ô tribe in northeastern Brazil recently, the tribe’s chief said something that really moved me:

“People think that Indians are lazy, and we are, when you compare us to how other societies work. It’s because we choose to work with our families around us. It makes it really difficult for us to live in the modern world which emphasizes money and economic exchange. We’re actually pretty busy all the time, and this emphasis on working with family and community has allowed us to endure.”

I found myself thinking of the classic song, “Cat’s In the Cradle” by Harry Chapin, its heartbreaking message of a man missing the opportunity to be part of his son’s life, and his son growing up to be exactly the same workaholic.

I thought of the many times I had seen parents and young children riding the subway together in New York City, each family member on their phones, not talking to each other, missing the opportunity to connect.

If we’re living in this modern world, with its emphasis on money and economic exchange, how can we build strong families and communities?

Our time and attention are our most valuable currency in relationships, particularly in regard to our children. Find ways to work and play with your loved ones, whether it’s making a meal together, taking care of your home, dancing, making art, or taking a walk. Every moment is an opportunity to teach, to learn, to connect, and to love.

I was an artistic child, and my artistic parents encouraged that love of music and art - for which I am eternally grateful. In turn, I became the parent to an artistic child, which was and is an absolute delight. But I’m inspired to keep in mind that if my kiddo was interested in team sports or science club, those would have been great opportunities for me to learn about new things and to grow.

I’m going back to Old Soul Studios this week to start mixing my record, “The Sound of Light” and my artistic kiddo will be assisting, along with Matthew Cullan. Very grateful for all those sweet ears, and I can’t wait to share my songs with you.

How do you find ways to work with your families and loved ones?

Music, art, meditation and movement are practices you can share with your families and communities. Schedule a call with me here and we’ll discuss how Flaneuse Sound's courses like Voice Alchemy (2-3 month individual class) and Ritual Prescriptions (yearlong 1:1 coaching program) can make you the artist of your own life… live your legend!


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