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Spiritually Polyamorous?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Life can be like a big buffet of sumptuous delights and don’t you want to try them all?!

I know I do!

People to know, things to learn, places to see, experiences to have…

It’s not easy being enthusiastic! It’s hard out there for a curious, turned on, greedy-ass bish who just wants to take a big bite of everything!


But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a shadow to all that chomp…

Lurking beyond that facade of enthusiasm and that irrepressible desire to say yes to it all has been… a distinct lack of commitment. An unwillingness to go deeper. Particularly when it comes to personal and spiritual development.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that a wise guide said to me: if you keep going from teacher to teacher, tradition to tradition, you are going to get conflicting information that will leave you (and your spirit) very confused. Choose a path and go deep with it.

Those words went straight to my heart, mind, and soul! I found myself on the edge of a cliff… and I jumped!

From that moment of that big leap, my path became a lot clearer - and a lot harder. When I chose to focus on being the best possible musician, teacher, and guide I could be, the path became narrower and much more thorny.

Sometimes I really miss my spiritually polyamorous ways! It really was a lot easier then.

But I don’t regret making a deeper commitment to my path because it has continually rewarded me in ways that never stop astounding me, with a life that’s richer and more satisfying than I ever could have imagined.

If it weren’t for my commitment to being the best possible musician, teacher, and guide, I would never have:

  • Recorded a record of songs by, for, and from spirit for meditation, ritual, and prayer

  • Began writing a book about my techniques for developing the voice as an instrument for healing and transformation

  • Developed a successful business teaching people from all walks of life to free their voice and create maximum flow and peak performance through singing, authentic communication, breathwork, and somatic movement

Just to name a few!

I’ve developed a yearlong one-on-one coaching container called Ritual Prescriptions for you to make that big leap, that big commitment to yourself, using those modalities of sound, authentic communication, breathwork, somatic movement, and ritual, so that you’re in the director’s chair of your own life, creating your most divine, consciously-created story. For you to live big, dream big, and create even bigger.

You’re invited to learn more at the Ritual Prescriptions Introductory Circle/Q&A on August 21st at 7-8pm EST. It’s an opportunity to learn more about this unique coaching program and to try out some delicious sound meditation and breathwork practices. Bring your questions and your enthusiasm! Sign up here.


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