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Mindset is everything!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

I got locked out of my house yesterday. Exciting!

Wearing a little dress and flip-flops in the cold.

I tried to break in through the window. Snow felt good on my bare feet - at first - but I couldn’t open the locked window. It would be hours until anyone could let me in.

What to do?

Something will happen, I thought. I can sit in my car and listen to the radio.

Just then I saw a man pass by who does repairs + maintenance. I called to him and after trying many things, we got the door open! YES!!!

I’m learning lessons these days about being more aware of my environment, and I’m grateful for sound yoga + meditation for helping me cultivate a peaceful heart + a calm mind.

In deep trust + peace with my inner universe, accepting the ups and downs of life. This is the space where good fortune, even magic, can occur.

If being rescued already weren’t wonderful enough, one of my yoga students gave me this protein bar last night as a thank you for class! #mindset #soundmeditation #sacredvocalarts

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