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Do you think we are all holograms, reflections, and projections of avatars through time and space?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Question: do you think we are all holograms, reflections and projections of avatars through time and space?

During the first few months of 2020, when many of us were in lockdown/quarantine, I wondered if that was one of the unexpected gifts we were receiving, that capacity to communicate with others across the boundaries of time and space into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We have such a deep need to connect with one another that transcends the immediacy of the present!

This capacity to connect beyond space and time is nothing new; I just think we accelerated in our ability to do so out of that very real need to connect with each other in the past few years.

If you think about it, avatars as teachers and the timeless quality of their projections have guided us for generations in philosophy, spirituality.

There’s a notion that art and music education has to be in real time, in person, but the truth is, we’re receiving the artist’s transmission whenever we come into contact with the artist’s work.

Like Princess Leia’s hologram message to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the third Star Wars (I know that for some people, this is the first Star Wars), art, music and creativity are our hope, our sustenance - and we can tap into the power of creativity’s teachings via the teacher’s projection, whether it’s in real time/space or via the artist’s avatar.

With that in mind, I created ELEMENTAL, a hybrid recorded/live musical/spiritual course to access freedom, authenticity and joy through singing, sound, breathwork and movement, made for busy creative people who may not be able to meet me for a lesson every week at the same time so that they can take the material at their own pace.

Students interact with my avatar in six recorded modules in addition to two live, one-on-one sessions with me. The material covered gives students everything they need to access the power of their own voice for healing and intuition.

Join me in the fourth and fifth dimensions!

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