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Flaneuse Sound Client Testimonials

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


Luz is amazing. She really had opened up this portal in my voice that I didn't know existed and she created such a kind and loving and caring environment to feel very comfortable sharing what can be such an intimate part of ourselves.

I'm really loving your personal energy in my life. You are so authentic.

I love the way I felt so free, especially the first one that I began to sing. It was like so free.

Luz gave me rhythms and drones I could use to unfold my inner voice and when I needed surgery, she gave me songs I could use to endure those first painful days of recovery, a way to ride away on my own voice.

I feel more confident in my ability to sing. I feel like already with just one session, I have some really important tools that I can go back to again and again. I've always been a bit shy. I never thought I had a very good singing voice. What we were able to accomplish just in one session was helping me expand that voice and through some simple techniques, really being able to project and prolong my ability to sing.

Once I was relaxed into it, the tone could go longer. I could recognize the difference of staying in the body and not going to the head.

I really felt like by the breathing, if I can keep breathing, I could really like calm it down. It put into like a different state.

I really like the call and response because I was able to witness things inside - feeling that oneness.

It feels like I'm getting excited about something that I want to get excited about, but I didn't know how to.

It was very playful and fun. It made me feel like I can do anything in the world.

I'm going to be able to take that back to my own practice, to my own practice with my community, and become more of a leader.

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