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Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing

Awaken your authentic voice!

Dive into a journey of joy, peak performance and self-healing through sound, music, breathwork and movement.

Discover the Resonance of Your True Voice

Harness the essence of singing, deep listening, chanting, and breathwork. Blend ancient wisdom from yoga and shamanic practices with cutting-edge techniques to dissolve blocks hindering your genuine self-expression. Together, we'll curate a personal repertoire of rituals, songs, chants, and mantras, igniting unshakable confidence and momentum on your path.

Hear The Sound of Light

Medicine Music Record is Your Spiritual Toolkit! 

A fusion of healing frequencies, captivating melodies, and ancient rhythms designed to awaken the spirit and illuminate your path.

The Adventure of Authentic Living


The Transformational Voice-Academy is a one-on-one course dedicated to the art of vocal transformation and self-expression, designed to unlock the full potential of your voice in six sessions. Join us in a supportive and creative environment where your voice becomes a catalyst for personal growth. 

Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing


The Conscious Creator is six-month transformative journey for individuals seeking to harness their creativity and manifest their dreams, using the power of the voice. If you're to unlock your creative power and align with your true purpose, become a Conscious Creator of your destiny.

Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Discover the profound healing potential of sound with our sound healing services. Sound healing can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. Join us on this resonant journey towards inner peace and rejuvenation.

See what people are saying

"​​Working with Luz turned out to be pretty mind blowing. She helped me connect to my body & voice in a way I hadn’t ever prior. She met me where I was with deep presence and ultimately showed me how to do the same."

- ​​Tyra 

 “Luz is amazing. She really opened up this portal in my voice that I didn’t know existed.”

- Samantha Seabrook | Attorney

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Upcoming Event

Record Release Party: Brazilian Medicine Music + Mantras

Thursday, July 18th, 2024

7 - 9 PM

Ready to Unleash Your True Potential?

Your adventure towards self-discovery and authentic living is but a session away.

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