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What if you could free your true voice and dramatically increase your sense of authenticity, purpose and joy in the span of just six sessions?

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if in the first session alone you reconnected with your innate joy, creativity, freedom and courage…


…The magic that you came into the world with that never left you…


…The innate sense of joy, creativity, freedom and courage that comes from expressing yourself full out!


If you want to learn more about how singing, music, breathwork and movement can help you reconnect with your true self and remember who you are…


Keep reading!

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Don’t believe me yet?

You know that in order to live the free, authentic, joyous life you were meant to live, you need to learn to free your voice and sing with your whole heart and soul…


However, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like:

What if I can’t do it?

What if it takes too long?

What if I sound terrible when I sing? 

What if it’s too late for me?

​How can I do this if I’ve never done it before?

Can you imagine?

Imagine having the unstoppable freedom and power that comes from freeing your voice…without the overwhelm, uncertainty, not knowing how or without spending years to do it!

What would happen? Let me ask my crystal ball.


You’d have the rockstar confidence that comes from expressing yourself and using your creativity fearlessly!

If you want to learn how to free your voice and live a fuller, richer life, I have something for you


Transformational Voice Academy

Eight weeks to freedom, authenticity and joy through singing, breathwork and movement!

Here’s What They Said About Voice Academy:

"It gave me more confidence to be me"

Rosalie Barlow - Songwriter, Rosetone Music St. George, UT

“I never knew I could do that! It’s really fun.”

Suzy - Certified Neuro Coach, Fort Collins, CO

"I was able to witness
things inside"


“I love the way I feelt so free specially the first one that i began to sing”

Goldie Stern + Esther Blimi Friedman

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"I will most certainly love to have more sessions in the future with Luz, I trust her and always appreciate the beauty she is able to share through her art."

Naomi Wigmore | Yoga Instructor and Chef


"Working with Luz can facilitate breakthroughs in self expression that radiate into all aspects of life"

Nicole Griffin | Flower Essences Practitioner Intuitive Guide

MQGwOjt (1).png

"I honestly had no idea what 

I could gain or learn working with Luz. I just knew I FELT the ‘potential’ for expansion in my body during my complementary consult w/her"

Tyra Sammons-Lane | Intuitive Channel

Here's how it all breaks down...


Session 1

Opening the Portal


Session 4

Singing for Community


Session 2

Singing for Wisdom and Guidance


Session 5

Singing for Authentic Presence


Session 3

Singing for Self-Healing


Session 6

Singing for Mastery + Service 

What’s included:

Session 1: Opening the Portal

Experience simple movement practices that can help you shake off fear, trauma and stress

​Increase your breathing capacity for better singing, relaxation and better health

Learn singing and vocalizing techniques and practices to increase your creativity and freedom of expression

Mantras to develop focus, awareness and clarity

Session 2: Singing for Wisdom and Guidance

Tone and heal the thyroid through movement

​Breathwork for energy, concentration and focus

Connect with ancient wisdom through indigenous singing traditions

Session 3: Singing for Self-Healing

Stretch and tone the lower back, kidneys and adrenals to release fear and tension

Visionary breathwork for expansion of consciousness and intuitive guidance

Intuitive singing + Mantra meditations for creativity, healing, relaxation and joy

Session 4: Singing for Community

Soothe and calm the nervous system through movement

Taoist breathwork for rejuvenation and circulating energy throughout the body

Intuitive singing, Sacred chants + rounds for strengthening community + connection

Session 5: Singing for Authentic Presence

Connect with grace, ease and flow through authentic movement

Breathwork to tone the vagus nerve and strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system, digestion and liver

​Call + response singing with deep listening 

Mantra meditation for presence and authenticity

Session 6: Singing for Mastery + Service 

Dance for freedom, self-healing and release

Strengthen the nervous system and calm the mind with yogic breathing

Tune in to the scale as vocal meditation + for pitch and ear training

Call + response with deep listening 

So What Makes Voice Academy Different?

Voice Academy is unique in its approach to creativity as a means to increase personal performance and effectiveness and deliver self-healing at the same time, in a fun, relaxed one on one setting either in person or via Zoom with Luz.


The curriculum is personalized for you based on your needs and interests, with one on one email/chat support with Luz in between sessions, over 12 hours of instruction and homework assignments to encourage your development in freeing your authentic voice.


The end result: You’ll gain authenticity, improved communications, a renewed sense of joy and play, relaxation and increased confidence through learning to sing from the heart, and you’ll develop tools, practices and repertoire to use your voice as a powerful form of healing for yourself and others.

Join Voice Academy Today!

Payment Plans Available



 (Billed monthly)


 (Billed monthly)


The complete Voice Academy six-part curriculum

Exclusive course content customized to you

5 course handouts with bonus assignments

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Sound healing meditation

PAY IN FULL BONUS: One onboarding session with Luz

100% Money Back Guarantee


For those of you who are on the fence, have been burned in the past, or don’t know me well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to try Voice Academy and experience how transformational, easy, and fun it can be to connect with your voice.


If you decide within 24 hours after the first session that Voice Academy isn’t for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. 

I’m Pleased To Meet You!


Luz Flaneuse

Hello, I’m Luz Flaneuse, the creator of Voice Academy, and I’m delighted to welcome you.

I’m a music educator, performer, composer and spiritual guide with over twenty years of experience teaching music as a form of self-healing, relaxation and personal development.

I developed Voice Academy to share the freedom, authenticity and joy that I found as a result of approaching singing, music, deep listening and creativity as a spiritual practice.

I’ve had the pleasure of offering Voice Academy to other teachers and healers who want to leverage the power of their voices in their transformational work, musicians and composers who want to increase their spiritual engagement with music, as well as those facing life and career transitions, and I’m pleased to say that my students have found that unleashing the power of their voices has had a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Looking forward to transformational experiences in sound with you!

You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

​I've never sung before. Isn't it too late to start?

It’s never too late to reconnect to the joy and freedom you felt when you sang as a child. Singing from the heart is our birthright!

How is Voice Academy different from other transformational work?

Voice Academy uses a unique combination of yoga-inspired movement, breathwork and conscious breathing techniques in addition to singing from a free, non-judgmental place to help you gently uncover the obstacles and traumas so you can (re)discover your authentic, inspired voice!

​I've tried other music and creativity workshops. How do I know if this work is right for me?

Hop on a call with me! Schedule a Vocal Breakthrough Exploratory call with me and we’ll discuss your hopes, your dreams and what’s holding you back, plus you’ll learn about Voice Academy’s unique approach and benefits.

Right now is a busy time for me. I'm worries I won't have time. Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

You can go at your own pace up to a point in Voice Academy but the course is structured to move sequentially, with each class building on the momentum of the one before it. If you need more time to go at your own pace, check out ELEMENTAL, my unique online/live hybrid which also will teach you to create more freedom, authenticity and joy…at your own pace!

What Our Clients Say


Still Undecided?

Voice Academy is perfect for you if:

You’re a healer and transformational teacher and you want to leverage the power of your own voice for healing

You’re contemplating a career transition from a “normal” career to a more deeply aligned path of service

You want to make more of an impact with your unique abilities and gifts

You’re facing a life transition such as illness, injury

​You want to reconnect with your purpose, freedom, authenticity and joy

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