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Ritual Prescriptions: A Yearlong Deep Dive into Flow States


One-on-One Coaching Program


One Year


$15,000 (payment plans are available by interview)

Who It's For:

Individuals who want to live their lives with intention, creativity, and purpose.

Course Description

Imagine doing your tasks with heightened efficiency and laser sharp focus, accessing your natural creative problem solving abilities…


Imagine having even more satisfying relationships, creating deeper connections and greater understanding with others…


Imagine living with joy and fulfillment, amplifying your overall happiness and well-being, and leaving the world a vastly better place…


That’s the power of being in flow!  


Remember those moments where time slipped away and you shifted into a state of profound awareness and enjoyment?  Maybe you were painting a picture, or walking in the woods, or even patting a cat. Those flow states may only last a moment or two, but they make us feel relaxed and powerful at the same time!


Flow states are vital for productivity, relationships, and happiness as they offer a profound shift in our experience and capabilities. By harnessing the power of flow, we unlock the potential to excel in our endeavors, foster meaningful connections, and cultivate a life infused with purpose, productivity, and happiness.


Now imagine consciously entering into flow states with greater ease, for longer periods of time. How much better would your life, relationships and productivity be?


Ritual Prescriptions is an immersive yearlong course designed to guide you on a transformative journey into the realm of flow states. Flow states, often referred to as being "in the zone," are optimal mental states where individuals experience heightened focus, creativity, and performance. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the conditions, practices, and rituals that cultivate and sustain flow states, allowing participants to tap into their full potential.


Throughout the year, you will embark on a carefully curated curriculum that combines ancient wisdom, contemporary research, and practical exercises. The course is divided into four thematic quarters, each focusing on different aspects of flow states and their cultivation. Through a combination of lecture, guest artist workshops, experiential activities, readings and discussion, you will gain a deep understanding of flow states and develop practical tools to access them in various domains of your life.

What You'll Learn:

1. Understanding Flow States: Participants will explore the psychological, neurological, and physiological foundations of flow states. They will learn about the conditions that foster flow, including the role of challenge, skill level, and clear goals. By understanding the science behind flow states, you will be able to consciously create environments that facilitate their occurrence.


2. Rituals and Practices: Participants will delve into an array of rituals, practices, and techniques that induce and sustain flow states. They will explore mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, visualization, movement, and other transformative practices from different traditions. By incorporating these rituals into your daily life, you will cultivate a greater capacity for focus, presence, and creativity.


3. Flow in Different Domains: The course will explore how flow states manifest in various areas of life, such as work, sports, arts, and relationships. You will discover strategies to harness flow in your professional pursuits, athletic endeavors, creative expressions, and interpersonal connections. You will learn to align your passions with your skills, creating optimal conditions for flow experiences in diverse contexts.


4. Flow as a Way of Life: Ritual Prescriptions goes beyond the sporadic experience of flow states and focuses on integrating flow into your lifestyle. You will develop personalized rituals and habits that support a sustained state of flow. You will learn to identify and overcome barriers to flow, including distractions, self-doubt, and fear. You’ll be empowered to live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and joyous life by consciously cultivating and embracing flow.

What You'll Get:

  • Enhanced Performance: By mastering the art of flow states, you will tap into their peak performance potential, unlocking greater productivity, creativity, and efficiency in your chosen endeavors.

  • Increased Joy and Engagement: Flow states are accompanied by a profound sense of joy, satisfaction, and deep engagement. You will experience heightened levels of fulfillment and enjoyment in your daily activities.

  • Improved Well-being: Flow states have been linked to reduced stress, increased resilience, and improved overall well-being. You will learn techniques to manage stress, enhance focus, and cultivate a greater sense of balance and fulfillment.

  • Meaningful Connections: You will enhance your ability to connect, share experiences, and learn from others, fostering richer, more satisfying personal and professional relationships and collaborations.

Ritual Prescriptions is an immersive yearlong 1:1 course that empowers participants to unlock their full potential, live with purpose, and embrace the transformative power of flow states. By the end of this transformative journey, participants will have a comprehensive toolkit to navigate life's challenges, harness their innate abilities, and thrive in a state of flow.

How It Works:

Over one year, you’ll meet with Luz either in person or virtually twice a month for one hour, or once a month for two hours.  During those sessions, you’ll learn techniques for cultivating flow states, including breathwork, sound and music, movement, meditation and creative arts, in addition to receiving hands-on coaching from Luz regarding how to bring increased flow to various areas and aspects of your life.  


In between sessions, you will have reading and writing assignments, as well as experiential assignments using art, ritual and meditation to expand your capacity to enter flow states with ease.


The year is divided into four segments:


  • Phase 1: Foundations of Flow

In the initial phase of Ritual Prescriptions, you will dive into the foundational understanding of flow states. You will explore the psychological, neurological, and physiological aspects of flow, learning about the conditions and factors that contribute to its occurrence. Through lectures, discussions, and experiential exercises, you will gain insights into the importance of clear goals, optimal challenge-skill balance, and focused attention. You will develop a solid understanding of the science behind flow states, setting the stage for your transformative journey.

  • Phase 2: Cultivating Flow Rituals

Building upon the foundation, Phase 2 focuses on cultivating flow rituals and practices. You will explore a diverse range of transformative techniques and rituals from various traditions, including mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, visualization, and movement. Through guided workshops and practical exercises, you will develop a personalized toolkit of rituals and practices that support the induction and sustainment of flow states. You will learn to integrate these rituals into their daily lives, fostering a deeper sense of presence, focus, and creativity.

  • Phase 3: Flow in Action

Phase 3 delves into the practical application of flow states in different domains of life. You will explore how flow manifests in areas such as work, sports, arts, and relationships. You will discover strategies to align their passions with their skills, creating optimal conditions for flow experiences. Through case studies, role-playing, and real-world exercises, you will learn to harness flow to enhance their professional performance, athletic endeavors, creative expressions, and interpersonal connections. This phase empowers you to actively seek and cultivate flow in various aspects of their lives.

  • Phase 4: Integrating Flow as a Way of Life

The final phase of Ritual Prescriptions focuses on integrating flow as a way of life. You will learn to overcome barriers to flow, such as distractions, self-doubt, and fear. You will explore strategies to create supportive environments, set meaningful goals, and develop habits that nurture sustained flow experiences. This phase also emphasizes the importance of self-care, stress management, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle to sustain flow states over the long term. By the end of Phase 4, you will have developed a holistic approach to integrating flow into your daily life, enabling you to live with purpose, fulfillment, and a deep sense of joy.


Throughout the four phases of Ritual Prescriptions, you will experience a comprehensive journey that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical application. By progressing through these phases, you will gain the necessary tools, insights, and rituals to increase flow in your life and embark on a transformative path toward realizing your full potential.

Meet Your Guide:

Luz Flaneuse is a creative arts practitioner and teacher, sound healing facilitator, registered yoga and meditation instructor (RYT-200), vocalist/composer and spiritual guide. Trained and ordained in the Umbanda and Jurema Sagrada healing lineages of Brazil, Luz has over 20 years of experience of teaching creative arts and meditation for self-healing, peak performance, productivity and greater effectiveness in life, relationships and career. Her record “The Sound of Light,” a collection of original songs and mantras for meditation, prayer, ritual and self-healing is being released in February 2024. Luz brings deep compassion, awareness, and attention to her work as teacher and guide.

Learn more about her here.

Holistic Music Education & Sound Healing Ritual Prescriptions
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