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Weekly sessions (1 hour) to sing, chant, vocalize and share in community, plus unlimited access to recorded content from ELEMENTAL.



Ongoing starting in January 2023



$100/month or $1000/year


Who is it for?

SINGERSAINTS is a musical community exclusively for graduates of the Voice Alchemy and ELEMENTAL programs.
SINGERSAINTS is a weekly meeting of like minds and hearts, a sangeet, that provides graduates with the opportunity to continue to develop their voices as a form of healing for themselves and others as well as accessing deeper states of
consciousness through singing, deep listening, breathwork, and movement. Especially recommended for those who work in transformational, self-development, and healing fields and who want to use the power of their voices in
their work!

You’ll learn how to:
  • Sing with confidence and joy

  • Deepen your own vocal meditation and deep listening practice for freedom, clarity and peace of mind 

  • Expand your repertoire of songs, mantras and chants for power, focus, and community building

  • Experience the ecstasy and power of singing with others

  • Expand your skills, tools and practices for using singing and music for healing

  • Use breathwork techniques for relaxation, energy, focus, vitality, and higher consciousness

  • Create freedom in your body through somatic movement designed to promote strength, vitality, and relaxation as well as release stress and trauma

  • Access intuition and higher states of consciousness through sound/vocal meditation

  • Heal and strengthen your nervous system through singing, breathwork, and movement

  • Improve your pitch, rhythm, and ability to stay in tune

  • Connect with other like-minded singers!

What You’ll Get:
  • Weekly hour-long sessions to sing, chant, vocalize, breathe, listen, move and share your voice using the tools and practices taught by Luz

  • Unlimited access to ELEMENTAL recorded material

  • WhatsApp private group exclusively for graduates

  • Opportunities to share your songs, chants, and music with Luz and others

  • Weekly songs, practices, and exercises to increase your mastery of singing, breathwork, and listening

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