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Ready to experience freedom, authenticity, and joy through singing, breathwork, and movement?



Freeing your true voice and accessing your real authentic personal power just got a whole lot easier…and fun…with my proven ELEMENTAL system

Have you heard the myth?

That singers are born, not made?


That you can’t sing and speak with confidence and charisma?


Maybe it was a family member, a teacher, or a friend who told you…


That your singing voice was unpleasant…


…That you shouldn’t speak up even though you wanted to…


…That you were “too much”: too loud, too opinionated, too weird…you name it!


If you’re nodding your head because you’ve shut yourself down…you ARE shaking your head, aren’t you?


Then get ready to put all those stories to rest in the past forever and reclaim the free, joyous voice you always knew was yours (and the authenticity and healing to go with it!)



Side effects to freeing your voice may include…

Accessing your true purpose and putting it to work for you


More confidence, intuition and personal power


Better health and breathing


Deeper, more restful sleep


Feeling calm but powerful and unstoppable

Increased creativity and sense of play (yes, play is important for people of all ages)


Zest for life


Connection to spirituality and sense of wonder

Don’t believe me yet?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you…


A year ago, I stepped away from a job that most people would consider wonderful in terms of pay. I liked the work, but I recognized it was not aligned with my true purpose, which is to share my love of music and sound as the vehicle to achieve greater freedom, authenticity and joy.


A year later, I have created a successful holistic music school that helps people like me - creative adventurous high achievers - live their best lives through using music and sound!


I use the music, breathwork and movement practices of ELEMENTAL every day to create an authentic, abundant and vibrant life that is truly aligned with my soul’s purpose!




Freedom, authenticity and joy through singing, breathwork and movement

ELEMENTAL is your gateway to the life-changing practice of vocal meditation in a unique hybrid (live/recorded) format. Using my training in music and my certification as a yoga instructor (RYT-200), I created ELEMENTAL so that busy creative people can learn how to use music and sound as a spiritual practice at their own pace. This is so much more than a class to free your voice…this is the foundation for using your voice for personal power, healing yourself and others!

The End Result?


Clarity and focus regarding life purpose

Increased confidence

More access to creativity so you can innovate

And a free, expressive singing voice!!

Check out some of the wins from my students

"It gave me more confidence to be me"

Rosalie Barlow - Songwriter, Rosetone Music St. George, UT

“I never knew I could do that! It’s really fun.”

Suzy - Certified Neuro Coach, Fort Collins, CO

pR8OCYe (1).png

"I will most certainly love to have more sessions in the future with Luz, I trust her and always appreciate the beauty she is able to share through her art."

Naomi Wigmore | Yoga Instructor and Chef


"Working with Luz can facilitate breakthroughs in self expression that radiate into all aspects of life"

Nicole Griffin | Flower Essences Practitioner Intuitive Guide

MQGwOjt (1).png

"I honestly had no idea what 

I could gain or learn working with Luz. I just knew I FELT the ‘potential’ for expansion in my body during my complementary consult w/her"

Tyra Sammons-Lane | Intuitive Channel

Here are just a few A-HA moments you’ll experience in ELEMENTAL:


​Breathwork for self-healing, clarity, focus and better health

Singing and vocalizing for peace of mind and calm

Improvisation techniques for singing that increase intuition, creative thinking and problem solving strategies

Movement from yoga, Tai Chi, qi gong and dance for freedom, authentic presence, flexibility, strength and grace

​Songs and chants from a variety of traditions for empowerment, meditation, prayer and ritual

​Vocal meditation as sound healing for oneself and others

Mentorship and guidance toward building your own personal sound meditation practice and sharing your musical healing abilities with others

Here is What You'll Learn..

Experience simple movement practices that can help you shake off fear, trauma and stress 

Increase your breathing capacity for better singing, relaxation and better health

Learn singing and vocalizing techniques and practices to increase your creativity and freedom of expression

Mantras to develop focus, awareness and clarity

​Connect with ancient wisdom through indigenous singing traditions

Five worksheets with exclusive content, meditations and listening exercises to help you establish your own vocal/sound meditation practice for your healing and for working with others

Here’s What You’ll get / Break Down

When You Enroll In Elemental, You’ll Also Get Access To These Special Bonuses:

100% Money Back Guarantee


For those of you who are on the fence, have been burned in the past or really just don’t know me all that well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to put ELEMENTAL into action and experience how fun it can be to create more freedom, authenticity and joy through singing, breathwork and movement.

I believe so much in the power and effectiveness of the cutting edge tools and practices I offer in ELEMENTAL to make a difference in your life, that if you decide after the first class that ELEMENTAL isn’t for you, I’ll give you your money back!


Not sure after the second class if ELEMENTAL is for you? Complete the six modules, the two in person sessions and weekly assignments, and if you feel the material isn’t for you, I’ll give you your money back.

I’m Pleased To Meet You!


Luz Flaneuse

Hello, I’m Luz Flaneuse, the creator of Voice Alchemy, and I’m delighted to welcome you.

I’m a music educator, performer, composer and spiritual guide with over twenty years of experience teaching music as a form of self-healing, relaxation and personal development.

I developed Voice Alchemy to share the freedom, authenticity and joy that I found as a result of approaching singing, music, deep listening and creativity as a spiritual practice.

I’ve had the pleasure of offering Voice Alchemy to other teachers and healers who want to leverage the power of their voices in their transformational work, musicians and composers who want to increase their spiritual engagement with music, as well as those facing life and career transitions, and I’m pleased to say that my students have found that unleashing the power of their voices has had a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Looking forward to transformational experiences in sound with you!

You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

I’ve never sung before. Is it too late to learn?

It’s never too late to reclaim the joy and freedom you felt when you sang as a child. Singing from the heart is our birthright!

I’ve already done a lot of singing, what’s so different about ELEMENTAL?

ELEMENTAL is unique in its approach to singing as a form of meditation, self-care, creativity and self-healing. Using yoga-inspired movement, conscious breathing techniques and breathwork, you learn to gently remove the obstacles and traumas to authentic expression.

Right now is a busy time for me. I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

ELEMENTAL is perfect for busy people. You can access the recorded content any time for life. While the two in person sessions are to be completed during the official six week course container, the modules are yours to review any time you like!

Imagine How Different Your Life Would Be If

You could access your intuition and connection to your higher wisdom with ease whenever you needed it

You knew how to use your creativity and musicality for enjoyment and healing for yourself and for others 

You reconnected with your innate sense of play and musicality 

​You could experience real, authentic confidence and freedom in your singing and self-expression

Grab Elemental - Single Payment Of $500

This Is Your Last Chance To Grab Elemental At This Crazy Low Price!





What You Will Get Today

Lifetime access to ELEMENTAL recorded course content, including updates and upgrades ($3500 value)

Optional Daily Accountability Check-ins from me and my team (Value $200)

​Exclusive course worksheets including one-of-a-kind sound experiences, songs, sacred chants and mantras! (Value $300)

1-1 Onboarding call (30 minutes) with Luz (Value $175)

​Exclusive worksheets including one-of-a-kind sound experiences, songs, sacred chants and mantras! (Value $350)


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