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ELEMENTAL: Create the Divine Life you were meant to live by using your voice!


Six recorded modules


Six weeks



Who is it For:

Creative high achievers who want to free their voices for singing, freedom, self-healing, authenticity and joy.  Especially recommended for those who work in or aspire to work in transformation, self development and healing fields.


You’ll Learn How To

  • Sing from your heart with freedom, courage and joy

  • Communicate with authenticity and compassion as a result of freeing your singing voice

  • Establish your own daily Vocal Meditation practice for freedom, clarity, peace of mind, unshakeable confidence and joy

  • Develop your own repertoire of songs, mantras and chants for power, focus and healing

  • Use breathwork techniques for relaxation, energy, focus, vitality and higher consciousness

  • Create freedom in your body through somatic movement designed to promote strength, vitality and relaxation as well as releasing stress and trauma

  • Access intuition and higher states of consciousness through sound/vocal meditation

  • Improve your pitch, rhythm and ability to stay in tune

  • ncrease your confidence and ability to ask for what you want

Mary Shaw’s


Working with Luz can facilitate breakthroughs in self expression that radiate into all aspects of life.

Luz is an extraordinary teacher, guide and healer. Her extensive background in the musical and meditative arts creates a unique and power container for growth. She works intuitively to inspire authentic expression, and lovingly encourages new pathways of joy to open. As someone who felt very shut off and shy with my own voice, I can say with confidence that Luz provides the safety and expertise that is needed to connect more deeply through sound. 

- Nicole Griffin | Flower Essences Practitioner Intuitive Guide

I honestly had no idea what I could gain or learn working with Luz. I just knew I FELT the ‘potential’ for expansion in my body during my complementary consult w/her.

Working with Luz turned out to be pretty mind blowing.

She helped me connect to my  body & voice in a way I hadn’t ever prior. She met me where I was with deep presence and ultimately showed me how to do the same. I learned to not only appreciate my voice but to sing freely and with Joy instead of straining. I would absolutely work with her again and again if I could. 

- Tyra

What You’ll Get

  • Six recorded modules, delivered at a rate of one module per week (60 minutes/length) of unique, transformational content (over 6 hours of video content)

  • Weekly homework assignments and exercises to help you master singing, breathwork and vocal/meditation practices

  • Access to special monthly singing programs and private social media groups for graduates upon course completion

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